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Innovative Industries, Inc. assists people with disabilities to identify, develop and achieve their individual life goals by providing vocational and community services.


How Innovative helps facilitate the mission statement for individuals served:

Every person served has an opportunity to participate in planning their program of service at Innovative. A major part of the planning process involves helping the individual identify the things they want to accomplish by attending our program. Staff work with individuals to further define what they want to accomplish in their lives and develop strategies for reaching those goals through the planning process. This is an ever-changing and growing process and persons served are encouraged to expand their visions for themselves as they grow and change.

Innovative offers a variety of vocational programs in the Creston and Winterset facilities: in-facility work, working on the janitorial crews and help with finding jobs in the community. Innovative offers residential services at the CARE facility in Afton, a licensed Residential Care Facility that also offers Supported Living activities, and through Support Services of South Central Iowa, with offices located in Greenfield. Currently three 24 hour homes are managed in Greenfield and Supported Living services are provided to individuals in their own homes as well.



Innovative Industries, Inc. will work toward a community where all citizens are valued, where those who provide support and assistance to others are valued and rewarded, and where all citizens have the power and opportunity to make and exercise individual decisions concerning their own lives, welfare and personal dignity. Innovative Industries will work toward becoming the provider of choice in South Central and Southwest Iowa.

Innovative Industries, Inc.

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